Our Mission

The Student Partnerships mission is to connect students in higher education with individuals and organisations in order to help solve their business problems. A problem can be quite clear and well-defined or something to explore. Organisations can be large or small, well established or still in their infancy, for-profit or not-for-profit; educational or community based.

There are three areas in which Student Partnerships makes these connections:

Student projects run through educational institutions such as universities which are offered at no cost to an individual or organisation.

The restriction is that projects can only be run during the teaching periods of the educational institution and for a student the project will be one of several subjects that they are studying. The great majority of these projects have had very satisfactory outcomes.

This could be a great opportunity for micro, start-up & small businesses and community groups.

Paid projects making use of current students or recent graduates and supervised by an experienced professional.

Paid projects are far more flexible especially with timing but also in terms of the types of projects.  There are many smaller or less critical projects that you might not even consider because of the cost of hiring professionals. A team students or recent graduates closely supervised by an experienced professional could be a very cost-effective solution. And we won’t take on projects if we don’t believe we can provide an effective solution.

An employment platform allowing businesses to employ students or recent graduates for casual or short- term employment

The employment platform provides an opportunity for students and recent graduates to advertise their knowledge, skills and experience and for businesses to hire these candidates for any casual or short term work they may have. Businesses negotiate the work and payment rate with the candidate at arm’s length. The upfront fees for businesses to join the platform and submit jobs are extremely small. A third party manages the invoicing, payment and professional indemnity so relieving you and the candidate of all this administration. Administration fees are transparent and paid on pay as you go basis.

Why might I be interested in a project?

Students and recent graduates have a great deal of up to date knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity. All our project teams are closely supervised by experienced people who maintain a professional approach to the work and to client interaction with a view to achieving great outcomes for everyone.

Project Categories

At this point in time our students are typically from the Business, Marketing, Finance, Design and Digital Technology areas which is reflected in the types of projects shown below:

These are among the most requested projects by our clients. A website is an essential part of a business in the digital age. If you don’t have one at all yet or if your old website is looking tired and out of date this is an opportunity to improve your presence. If you don’t have a marketing or social media plan, then this is opportunity to do so – and combine it with a new website!
How and/or where can I expand my business internationally? How does my organisation, product or service compare with my competitors? Where are the bottlenecks in my business processes? How can it be automated? What’s the best way to contact and survey my clients? I need CRM software, but which one is the best one for me? These are the sorts of questions our students can help you solve.
Our students have a diverse range of backgrounds such as Information Systems, Marketing, Finance, Accounting and so on. These skills be combined and applied effectively in areas which may otherwise be very specialised e.g. engineering, health, social sciences, the arts and so on. In fact, many of our projects have been conducted with clients who have worked in specialised areas.

How to start a student or paid project

  • Got an idea?

    If you have a fair idea of your problem and objectives, then go to step 2. If you would like some help getting started, contact us at info@studentpartnerships.com.au

  • Put in an application

    Decide on whether you want free or paid project. All applicants will be contacted to arrange an interview. No project will be accepted without an in-depth interview. You can swap between a paid or free project in step 3.

  • Approval

    At the interview we will review the problem, scope, deliverables and suitability of the project. We will let you know if your project meets our criteria at interview or shortly after. A costing will be provided for paid projects after the interview.

  • Let’s get started

    When a project is conducted depends on the resources available. We will contact you regarding the expected start date for your project.

So far we’ve completed


Our Project Philosophy

Our students are often praised for the fact that they are taught to listen and really understand your problem. Key concepts that we promote are client collaboration and agility. Students will work with you on refining your requirements and goals and then research and explore solutions with you until they find the one that best suits you.

Past Student Partnerships Projects

Market Research & Analytical Reports
“Very impressed. The depth and thoroughness of the analysis provided by the students surpassed that of many of the large consulting firms.”
View Website
L\'arte Cups
Business Plan, Marketing Strategy & Plan, Website Development
\"Great teamwork. Nicely presented and functioning website. Future improvements are not too difficult to implement.\"
View Website
MexBourne Dance Group
Asset System - Specification, Creation & Implementation
\"Great work, Especially under limited time available (8 weeks). Overall very happy with the result.\"
View Website
Hemp Living
Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy & Plan, Website Development
\"This project has been approached professionally and the group took the project to a high level.\"
Lizzy\'s Chocolate Creations
Marketing Plan & Website Development
\"A very enjoyable experience. Great communication. All my concerns met.\"
View Website
Australian Women in Security Network
Website Development, Events Management, Blog Creation, National Association, Elevated Security
\"The team, alongside with the industry advisor did an extraordinary job. They fulfilled all our requirements and more.\"
View Website
Handyman Howard
Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy & Marketing Plan, Website Development
We have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the process. The students listened every step of the way and have delivered.
Heidelberg Magistrates
Rostering Systems - Requirements Definition and Prototyping
The team worked well and kept us informed of the progress. Understood the project requirements
Rhonda McGrath Visual Concepts
Marketing Strategy & Plan, Website Development
I totally enjoyed the whole process. Thank you
Healing Concepts
Business Plan & Website Development
I am very happy with the final product. It has exceeded my expectations.
View Website
Wiki Hospitals
Business Plan, Marketing Strategy, Website Prototype
Very professional service. All the students had an excellent understanding of technology – social media, google analytics & web layout. Well done.
View Website
Tilegne Therapy
Website Design & Development, Appointment Bookings, Event Bookings, Information Documents for Downloading
Team worked very well together. Took our comments and worked efficiently.
View Website
Watermates Plumbing
Marketing Plan & Website Development
Communication was excellent. They answered all my questions.
Kitchen Challenge
Business Strategy (8 week project)
Great Work. Thank You
View Website
Urban Chain
Marketing Strategy
It would take me much longer to make contacts and do the market research that I have now. Also, as it would cost us some considerable money to make international research, we could not prioritise exporting opportunities to Australia without this programme. With the project and its outcomes, we have won a Global Scale-up programme here in the UK to take things to the next steps and enter the Australian energy market as we expected.
View Website
Continence Victoria
Business Strategy
The team were quick to understand a business that was well outside of their usual knowledge base and come up with practical usable solutions for a business problem.
View Website
Women\'s Property Initiative
Business Strategy
Great team of enthusiastic students who were professional, skilled and committed to getting the project completed
View Website
Life In Motion
Website Design
The Swinburne team went above and beyond in providing a great website, and addressing some challenging technical issues that cropped up along the way. They were always responsive and completely professional and I’d recommend Swinburne project to any SME.
Renae Hanvin
Business Strategy
A great opportunity to work with future talent and solve business problems in one collaboration.
View Website

Now is the time to submit a project or contact us now to discuss how this unique opportunity might assist you and your organisation in solving some of your business problems.

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