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About Student Projects

The Student Projects program offers students a professional development opportunity in the final year of their Bachelor’s Degree studies so that they can apply their acquired knowledge and skills. It offers people in the broader community an opportunity for their business, organisation, club or society to achieve goals that they might have difficulty achieving on their own. Projects have been conducted in the past for sole traders, microbusinesses, SMEs and larger business and organisations including Not-for-Profits.

Who are the students who will be working on projects?

Our students study at Swinburne University of Technology and are doing their Bachelor degrees either through the Faculty Business and Law or the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology.

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Projects are conducted over 12 to 15 weeks starting in March and August. Students team arrange interviews with their client to discuss the project expectations and goals and thereafter are expected to work closely with their client over the course of the project. Any client accepted for a project should expect to be available to discuss their project with their students team for up to one hour per week. All information provided is treated with strict confidentiality and all communication is expected to occur in a timely and professional manner.

There are no costs charged to a client for their project by the University. However, if students need access to resources outside of what is generally available to students at Swinburne University, students will inform the client of what needs to be purchased, why it is needed and the consequences of making or not making the purchase(s). The decision as to whether to make the purchase(s) is entirely up to the client.

Hundreds of capstone projects of this type have been run successfully over a period of several years. One of the reasons for this success is the close supervision of teams by highly experienced industry professionals and academics who guide each team of students and develop their professional skills and attitudes. The result is valuable outcomes for businesses, organisations and individuals.

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