Connecting Students to the Workforce

Mission Statement

To develop new graduates as productive, responsible individuals who are good communicators and able to work collaboratively and supportively across a client’s organisation.

Development Goals for our Graduates:

The skills below have been identified by different employer groups in business areas as needing further development in new graduates. Student Partnerships targets these areas:

  • Independence, proactivity and initiative
  • Problem solving and creativity skills
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Teamwork and Leadership skills
  • Writing, listening and speaking communication skills
  • Presentation and public speaking skills
  • Personal productivity skills (Time management, organisation and goal setting)
  • Client management
  • Negotiation and Conflict management skills
  • Learning and research skills
  • Ethical and professional behaviour

Our Process:

We will run a program for an agreed number of graduates for an agreed period. Graduates may come from a variety of discipline areas.

Graduates spend time both at the client organisation and with the Student Partnerships team at their site.

Graduates can work on individual or team-based projects provided by the client organisation. Client based projects have the advantage that they

  • provide value to the client organisation
  • encourage involvement and collaboration with others in the client organisation.

Student Partnerships will provide experienced industry professionals to mentor each graduate’s work and personal development.

Graduates will be individually evaluated in terms of graduate readiness at the beginning of the program with a view to determine areas to work on for further development. There will be a similar evaluation at the end of the program to determine a graduate’s development.

Step by step guide

Your organisation and Student Partnerships will meet to discuss the brief.

  • Together, we will discuss your organisation’s philosophy on people, standards and processes. If your organisation requires us to source graduates then we will discuss educational background, skills and experience required.
  • Optionally, we will source graduates and send you a short list of candidates
  • You will interview candidates, select those you wish to employ and method of employment you prefer
  • Together, we will determine working arrangements for graduates undertaking the training program.
  • Together we will discuss projects to be assigned to graduates and your organisation’s internal supervisor(s) for the graduates. We understand these arrangements may evolve with time.

For each graduate we will:

  • Determine each graduate’s current personal and skill levels
  • Create a graduate development plan for upskilling and personal improvement

Over the life of the graduate program, there will be regular presentations and progress reports regarding graduates.

Final Deliverables

At end of the graduate program:

  • We will reassess and report on each graduate’s skill levels and accomplishments
  • The graduate will provide some reflections on what they have learned
  • Together we will review the Graduate Program and its effectiveness
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