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About Paid Projects

The Paid Projects program offers businesses the opportunity to access talented graduates and undergraduates to address complex and demanding business problems that are beyond the reach of the student project program. The team of students are ‘project managed’ by an industry practitioner with expertise in the target technology. Businesses pay a fixed fee for services provided during the project rather employing team members. The program facilitates businesses undertaking a discrete project or business initiative at significantly lower than commercial rates; whilst retaining the involvement of industry expertise.

The initial engagement with the business is undertaken by the industry practitioner to determine the project scope and the required skill set for the team. The practitioner prepares a project brief and payment schedule for business approval. Following receipt of an initial part payment the team is selected and commences work. The program uses an agile approach that involves working closely with the business in one or two-week sprints intervals with specific deliverables. A representative from the business is required to participate in short duration (5-10 minute) daily scrum meetings that monitor progress and identify issues. A pre-payment is required before commencing each sprint. Hundreds of industry projects been run successfully over a period of several years. One of the reasons for this success is the close supervision of teams by highly experienced industry practitioners who guide each team and develop their professional skills and attitudes. The result is valuable outcomes for businesses, organisations and individuals.

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